KISS Forever & All Stars Of Rock Guitar

KISS Forever & All Stars Of Rock Guitar

Learn 3 decades of KISS classics and receive a FREE gift!

Bob and Bruce Kulick share their technique and insight into being part of the Hottest Band In The World - KISS!

Bob Kulick's contributions to KISS include KISS Alive II, KISS Killers and Paul Stanley's solo album and tour as well as various KISS songwriting credits. Bruce was the lead guitarist for KISS from 1984-1996 and has recorded and written songs with the band as well as toured the world. His work has appeared on many Platinum and Gold KISS classics such as Crazy Nights, Hot In The Shade and Revenge.

Now is your chance to learn your favorite KISS classics note for note! Learn from Bruce Kulick as he teaches you exactly how to play songs that he rocked arenas around the world with as the guitarist for KISS.

  • Bob Kulick shows you songs and solos from the legendary LP KISS Alive II and Paul Stanley's Solo LP.
  • Hear Bob explain how he approaches constructing solos for KISS recording sessions
  • Learn how to play the MTV hits Crazy Crazy Nights, Unholy and the worldwide hit ballad Forever.
  • Bob teaches you Nowhere to Run, Goodbye, Tonight You Belong to Me and other KISS hits.
  • See Bruce demonstrate and explain his current pedal board configuration that he uses on tour.
  • Hear Bob's candid conversation about handling lead guitarist duties on the Paul Stanley solo tour.

This over 2 hour behind the scenes look into the world of a KISS guitarist is a once in a lifetime offering and a must for any aspiring guitarist.

Also Includes:

  • Password For Exclusive Access To Guitar Tablature

As a special bonus, upon your purchase of KISS Forever you will receive a limited edition ERIC CARR mousepad absolutely FREE! (A 13.95 Value)

Running Time: 150 Minutes


2-Disc Special Edition!

All Stars of Rock Guitar DVD features over 3 hours of lessons from four guitar masters including George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, Souls Of We), Bruce Kulick (KISS,Solo Artist, Grand Funk Railroad), Jennifer Batten (Solo Artist, Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck), Darrell Roberts (Five Finger Death Punch, W.A.S.P)

Each artist discusses their influences and demonstrates some of their signature techniques along with very informative lead guitar and songwriting methods.

Learn advanced tapping and playing techniques with Jennifer, lead guitar and song structures with Bruce as well as metal licks
and rhythm techniques with Darrell. You will also watch George lay down lead tracks for his upcoming solo release.

This 2-Disc DVD set is packed with exciting bonus features including the next generation of Rock Guitar featuring:
Dario Lorina, Jack Ripper and Yayo Sanchez

Also Includes:

  • Bonus Performances
  • Extended Interviews
  • Seymour Duncan DVD Excerpt
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Numerous Chapter Marks

Running Time: 220 Minutes


Retail: $59.94
On Sale: $39.93
You Save: 34%

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