Drum Course Combo Pack

Drum Course Combo Pack
2 Complete Drum Courses For 20% Off The List Price

Course #1
Beginning Drums
Instructor Chris Traylor demonstrates, explains in details and performs many of todays most popular drum beats and patterns. Each lesson is illustrated in step-by-step detail to play alone or with a full band. Beginning Drums features over 75 minutes of instruction and is a great tool for musicians looking to learn the fundamentals and techniques of playing a full drum kit.Now You Can Discover:
  • Introduction to the 5 piece Drum Kit
  • Holding The Sticks
  • Drum Tuning
  • Rudiments
  • Ride & Crash Cymbal
  • Enhancing The Basic Rock Beat
  • Rock Beat Using The 1/16 Note
  • Rock Beat Using The 1/4 Note
  • Shuffle & Triplet Patterns
  • Quadruplet & 1/16 Note Triplet Patterns
  • Blues Shuffle and Triplet Fills

Course #2
Drums: Coordination & Groove

Get the tools to spark your creativity!

With Coordination & Groove, Alan Schechner reveals his unique "before-and-after" system—known as "Transformations"—that will change the way you think about playing drums. Learn, step-by-step, how to create and play grooves and melodies simultaneously. You will be able to apply "Transformations" to all styles of music and any time signature.


  • Learn to "transform" grooves, including Rock, Funk, Latin, Shuffle, New Orleans, Hip-Hop
  • Improve ambidexterity/coordination
  • Develop a melodic approach to the drum set
  • Enhance creativity
Also Includes:
  • Drum solos
  • "Transformations" in Odd Time Signatures, including 3/4, 5/4, 7/4, 7/8
  • Unique patterns with the cowbell pedal
  • Bonus lessons
  • And more!!!
Learn to improve your coordination in a musical way! Includes Exclusive Access to Online Drum Book !Also Includes:
  • Interactive Lesson Library
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Password For Exclusive Access To Online Features

Running Time: 135 Minutes

"Thanks for making a great DVD for all ages. Your Beginning Drums Video showed my 10 year old Hayden how to sound like a pro on the drums by just following along with the DVD. Within an hour he was cranking out beats just like his rock idols. Your DVD delivers the goods."
-Monica Ford"

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