Guitar 3 Course Jam Pack + FREE STRINGS!

Guitar 3 Course Jam Pack + FREE STRINGS!

3 Complete Guitar Courses For Over 15% Off The List Price Includes FREE Pack of GHS Strings!

Learning Guitar Step 1

Patrick McCormick presents an easy and educational step by step method for you to learn to play the guitar! Your lesson will begin with the very basics of guitar playing like , tuning the guitar , hand positions and holding the pick. You will then progress into detailed lessons explaining the entire fretboard, Major, Minor and 7th Chords, Scales,Rock and Blues progressions.If you are a beginning guitarist looking to learn to play along with your favorite songs in a few short lessons, then Learning Guitar Step 1 is for you!

"A+ DVD, I don't know how they can make it any easier to learn!"
- Rikks Revues

  • Open Chords
  • Barre Chords
  • Major Scales
  • Minor Scales
  • Finger Exercises
  • Chord Exercises
  • Power Chords
  • Whole Steps & Half Steps

Bonus: Exclusive access to downloadable online book and "Jam Trax"

Special Features Includes

  • Fully Interactive On-Screen Chord Chart
  • Bonus Guitar Lessons

Greg Douglass - Lead Guitar

    Greg Douglass is a versatile multi-platinum artist who has toured and recorded with Steve Miller, Van Morrison, Greg Kihn, Eddie Money and others.With over 100 minutes of instruction, numerous chapter marks for easy navigation and a fully interactive lesson library: Greg Douglass Lead Guitar is an entertaining and educational tool for today's guitar player.

    • Scale Patterns
    • Slide Techniques
    • Alternate Positions
    • Bends
    • Hammers
    • Pull - Offs
    • Phrasing

    Includes On-Screen tablature, interactive Lesson chart and a free password to online book.

    Beginners Blues

    Charles Sedlak is an international recording artist and a recipient of a Ph.D in Music Education. charles will guide you through a comprehensive step by step introduction to playing Blues Guitar. Learn the techniques made famous by blues greats such as: B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy and many others!

    *On Screen Tablature
    *Multiple Camera Angles
    *Interactive Lesson Library
    *Video Jam Tracks
    *Audio Jam Tracks

    Exclusive Password To Online Downloads

    Total 3 Course Running Time: 255 Minutes

Retail: $65.91
On Sale: $49.97
You Save: 25%

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