Pro Tools - Behind The Controls

Pro Tools - Behind The Controls

Grammy Award winning producer and multi-platinum recording artist Bob Kulick (KISS, Meatloaf)and ace engineer producer Brett Chassen will unlock the PRO TOOLS mystery as they guide you through a real recording session in a fun and creative manner.

Now You Can Discover:

  • Setting Up a Session
  • Editing
  • Comping
  • Mixing
  • Recording
  • Automation
  • Much More !!

Also Includes:

  • On-Screen Visuals
  • Password For Exclusive Access To Protools Features

Running Time: 100 Minutes


"I was able to get moving with this a lot faster than I did with the manual that comes with Pro Tools... Great Job! "

Retail: $29.97
On Sale: $24.97
You Save: 17%

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