Extreme Drum Set Techniques

Extreme Drum Set Techniques

2 hours of the most intense drum instruction available.

Hi quality digital production - Multiple camera angles! Learn the basics and way beyond. Randy's revolutionary way of applying techniques to the drum set guarantees results. Jam packed with extremely cool techniques, grooves and tips for drummers at every level. Challenging rhythms broken down and easy to understand. Randy Van Patten has a teaching style unlike any other.

Here are some of the techniques you will master:

  • Gripping The Stick
  • Hand Technique
  • 16th Note Triplets
  • Hi-Hat Stomp
  • Cool Triplet Fill
  • 5 Strokes on Kit
  • Crazy Hi-Hats
  • Tom Groove
  • Cool Groove
  • Hi-Hat groove
  • Cymbal Variations
  • Dynamics
  • Ghost Notes
  • Drum Kitadiddle
  • Triplets
  • Double Bass Grooves
  • Cool Snare Crash Riff
  • Left Hand Ride Along
  • Solo Techniques

About Randy:

Randy has been providing rhythm for over 30 years. His background includes many years of live experience, session work, drum clinics and many years of private drum instruction. He currently teaches private drum lessons in Central Florida.

Randy has studied numerous styles of music. His focus in his younger days was marching band. You can hear a lot of that style incorporated into his playing on the drum set.

Randy focuses his drum instruction on hand technique and building stick control. He has a revolutionary way of applying those techniques to the drum set. Randy finds ways keep his students excited about the basics and eager to learn more.

Running Time: 120 Minutes

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